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I have just been reading, or more accurately Shawn has been reading to me, Frans De Waal’s “Age of Empathy, “– his newest book,  which will make old hat of a lot of discourse in Robert Sussman’s upcoming book on the conference I attended last spring (We will get back to that in the near future).

Shawn, incidentally, is my assistant, the one person who responded intelligently to my request for an amauensis, and upon my death will be responsible for this blog (Scribe’s note; I am blushing as I type this 😉 ).

I have put off reading de Waal, as I thought he might be too bad, and I would be sorry. And now I am sorry to have put it off. The book is a delight not only for what it says which is intelligent and well-informed, but for the way it says it, which makes reading him such a pleasure.

I recommend him highly which is not my usual style.

warmest regards to you all,



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